Know Someone in Need of Financial Help?

Founded in 1985, the Jewish Assistance Fund provides immediate financial assistance, without expectation of repayment,
to Jewish people in western Pennsylvania who have limited resources and are in need of emergency support for food, clothing, housing, utilities,
transportation and medical necessities.

How do we help?

We respond quickly and confidentially
Assisting members of the Jewish community and their families experiencing financial challenges
by providing grants for
pressing financial needs, with NO repayment

How can you help?

Tell others about JAF's grants.
Word of mouth is powerful
You can refer family members, friends, colleagues, congregants,
patients, clients, neighbors, students, community members, etc who may be eligible

What do we consider Pressing Expenses & Financial Need?

The Jewish Assistance Fund provides grants for necessities including:

Is this a loan?

This is a grant with no repayment

How quickly do we provide assistance?

We respond to all inquiries and meet with eligible applicants weekly throughout the year

How often can someone receive a grant?

During these challenging times, in general, people can reapply every six months. Each person’s situation is unique. We encourage everyone to contact us.

Who Can Apply?

Jewish individuals and families
Living in Western PA who need financial help in order to meet their basic needs for food, clothing, housing, utilities, transportation or medical necessities

What can I do?
How do I refer someone?

Tell family members, friends, colleagues, congregants, patients, clients, neighbors, students, community members, etc. about the Jewish Assistance Fund

Encourage them to visit the JAF website or call 412.521.3237
We will contact them and privately and confidentially speak with them

What happens when I make a referral?

You tell someone and they contact JAF and leave a message (phone or website)
We take it from there.

Next Steps

JAF appointment coordinator calls and talks with them.
Grantors meet with applicants weekly, throughout the year, by appointment.
An appointment is scheduled to meet with JAF Grantors.


Referral to other organizations.

What can I tell people to anticipate?

After people contact us, we will call them. They will have the opportunity to discuss their situation privately and confidentially. If they are eligible, after an application by phone, JAF volunteers will review their application. Applications are reviewed weekly

"JAF is a story that so needs to be told. You have added quality and dignity to a senior's life and for that, we are all indeed appreciative. She feels special and doted upon. and this experience has indeed ignited her spirits. What a difference your kindness has made."

Sharyn Rubin
Director of Resident & Community Services
Jewish Association on Aging

"The Jewish Assistance Fund is an invaluable resource in our community. They transform impossible circumstances to help people rise above unimaginable challenges. I have been honored to work closely with JAF during my tenure as Executive Director at the Aleph Institute, and I look forward to continuous connection and collaboration."

Rabbi Vogel
Executive Director
Aleph Institute

"I can't thank you enough for your help as I begin to get back on my feet due to your generosity!"

Financial Assistance Recipient

"We have had many situations in which clients have received eviction notices and utility stop notices. When they received a check from JAF they thanked us, and many in tears said they did not know what would have happened to them without our help."

JAF Grantor

"This is just a note to thank the Jewish Assistance fund for getting me my hearing aide. I will always remember your mitzvahs and I appreciate it so much."

Fondly, Edna

"Words are difficult to find, but please accept our gratitude for your attentiveness, sensitivity and incredible generosity. With your help we are able to begin the dental work that is most desperately needed. Financial Assistance Recipient"

Financial Assistance Recipient

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your most generous grant. Although I am able to work part-time, my hours are limited due to my chronic illness. Therefore, your grant to me is most needed and most appreciated. "

Financial Assistance Recipient

"I just wanted to send a note thanking everyone at JAF for your kindness and understanding of my needs. The grant I received was used for medical bills and payoffs on past due debts. Thank you so much. I am so grateful that you are providing help for Jews in need."

Financial Assistance Recipient

Wondering about making a referral?
Want to explore whether the Jewish Assistance Fund can help?

Contact us via phone or email


Financial Help

Without repayment for pressing expenses

Over 500 people of all ages impacted

Living in more than 55 zip codes in Western PA touched by the easing of mounting expenses

Since 1985

Ensuring availability of confidential and accessible financial support

Wondering where else to refer someone when they are not eligible for a grant from the Jewish Assistance Fund?

For additional financial resources in the Jewish Community, please visit